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Pink Like…

Pink Like…

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Reworked pre-loved jumper scraps cut n sewn to create this many pinked kitty maskie. This maskie hopes to give the wearer the stealth of a cat, so they can sneak into libraries and put things back where they go, and so they can learn the Dewey Decimal System so well that the library has to hire them on as general manager and then they stay at the library as general manager and they age there, and little kids come up and ask them what book they should read and they always recommend some random religious text depending on the day and the kids all laugh until suddenly they get into the Dhammapada and they all come back completely enlightened shining gold like the sun, and just by looking at these kids, the wearer of this maskie, now aged aged and frail, recognizes the peace and that light, and immediately reaches Nirvana.

Model has a passion for creative writing and has XL Female/L Male head size 60CM


Used Knitwear, Mixed material

Care Instructions

Hand wash only

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